This article shares with you android get apk detailed information (including:package name,Version number, sdk, etc.), very good,Simple and practical,Friends who are interested in android sdk aapt knowledge, learn through this article together

The company operation and maintenance asked me how to install the simulator on windows,What do you say you do to install the simulator?He said that I installed the simulator to view the information of the app's package name for statistics.

I suddenly thought,Is it necessary to toss like this?

I then installed him with android sdk and executed a command through the aapt.exe file under build-tools to get all the apk information.

aapt command

aapt l [ist] [-v] [-a] file. {zip, jar, apk} list contents of zip-compatible archive.

aapt d [ump] [--values] [--include-meta-data] what file. {apk} [asset [asset ...]]

* aapt d strings * .apk --->Print the content resource table string pool apk file.

* aapt d badging * .apk --->The labels and icons printed should be declared in the apk.

* aapt d permissions * .apk --->permissions to print from apk file

* aapt d resources * .apk --->Print resource table from apk file.

* aapt d configurations * .apk --->Apk file print configuration.

* aapt d xmltree * .apk res/***. xml --->Print xml information in tree structure.

* aapt d xmlstrings * .apk res/***. xml --->Print all string information in the xml file.

aapt p [ackage] [-d] [-f] [-m] [-u] [-v] [-x] [-z] [-m androidmanifest.xml]

Package android resources. It will read assets and resources provided by -m -a -s or raw-files-dir parameters. -j-p-f and-r control the output options of the file.

aapt r [emove] [-v] file. {zip, jar, apk} file1 [file2 ...]

Deletes the specified file from the zip-compatible archive.

aapt a [dd] [-v] file. {zip, jar, apk} file1 [file2 ...]

The specified file is added to a zip-compatible archive.

aapt c [runch] [-v] -s resource-sources ... -c output-folder ...

Does png pre-process one or more resource folders and store the results in the output folder.

aapt s [inglecrunch] [-v] -i input-file -o outputfile

Do png preprocessing on a single file.

aapt v [ersion]

Print the program version.

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