Global timeout

If there are multiple websites on the server,Hope to set the timeout uniformly,You need to set the value of the executiontimeout property in the machine.config file.

The machine.config file is located in the%systemroot%\ microsoft.net \ framework \%versionnumber%\ config \ directory.


<httpruntime executiontimeout="90" maxrequestlength="4096" usefullyqualifiedredirecturl="false" minfreethreads="8" minlocalrequestfreethreads="4" apprequestqueuelimit="100" />

Single site timeout

Set the http request runtime in the web.config configuration file:

<httpruntime maxrequestlength="102400" executiontimeout="720" />

Here it is set to 720 seconds. The previous attribute maxrequestlength is generally used to limit the size of a user's uploaded file! The default is generally 4096 kb (4 mb).

Single page request timeout

For a single page,You can use server.scripttimeout to set the timeout.


Note:If the debug attribute is set in web.config, for example:<compilation debug="true" targetframework="4.0">

At this time, scripttimeout is ignored.

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