visual studio 2017 rtm official version offline installation and introduction.

First go to the official website to download:

vs 2017 official version introduction:

vs 2017 offline mode is only offline.net core part:

visual studio professional 2017:

vs_professional.exe--layoutd:\ vs2017offline--addmicrosoft.visualstudio.workload.netcoretools--langzh-cn

visual studio community 2017:

vs_community.exe --layoutd:\ vs2017offline--addmicrosoft.visualstudio.workload.netcoretools--langzh-cn

visual studio enterprise 2017:

vs_enterprise.exe --layoutd:\ vs2017offline--addmicrosoft.visualstudio.workload.netcoretools--langzh-cn

After going offline in this mode,The installation package is about 1.63g. After offline, open the corresponding installation in the offline directory and select directly.net core installation.

If all offline,Take visual studio community 2017 as an example:

vs_community.exe --layoutd:\ vs2017offline --langzh-cn

This allows all functions to be taken offline.

The size of the installation package after offline.

Select .net core cross-platform development.

After installation is complete.

New Project:

Development interface:

Everyone can practice more functions by themselves.

Also released today,.net core SDK 1.0 official version. After sdk goes through the rc4 version,Finally ushered in the official version.

Official blog introduction:

.net core sdk 1.0.1 download:

Create a new console application using dotnet new console:

c:\>dotnet new console -o myapp
the template "console application" created successfully.
c:\&cd;cd myapp
c:\ myapp>dotnet restore
 restoring packages for c:\ myapp \ myapp.csproj ...
c:\ myapp>dotnet run
hello world!

Development can then be opened via vs 2017.

Blog sample code github:https://github.com/linezero/blog

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