First, check the oracle client version:sqlplus -v

Second, check whether the oracle client version is 32bit or 64bit

method one:

step 1:Run the sqlplus/nolog command. If you have multiple client versions installed on your server,Then you should enter the bin directory of the corresponding installation directory and run this command

c:\ users \ mr.bruce>sqlplus/nolog

sql * plus:release production on Monday August 8 16:06:05 2016

copyright (c) 1982, 2010, oracle. all rights reserved.


step 2:Open the task manager,Find the sql * plus process. If the Oracle client is 32-bit, the image name will be marked as * 32, as shown in the following figure:

windows server 2008 oracle 32bit client

windows server 2008 oracle 64bit client

Method Two:

Find the comps.xml file in the%oracle_home%\ inventory \ contentsxml directory. For example, the path on my current test server is f:\ win10 \ app \ mr.bruce \ product \ 11.2.0 \ client_1 \ inventory \ contentsxml

If plat="nt_amd64" indicates that the 64-bit oracle client is installed, if plat="nt_x86" indicates that the 32-bit oracle client is installed.

Method three:

If the operating system is 32-bit, then the Oracle client must also be 32-bit. If the operating system is a 64-bit operating system,Then the oracle client may be 32-bit or 64-bit, we can check through the registry.For example, I installed a 64-bit oracle 11g client on windows 10. Run regedit to enter the registry system,Under hkey_local_machine \ software \ oracle \, you will find that there is no registration information below,But hkey_local_machine \ software \ wow6432node \ oracle can see some detailed registry information;If the 64-bit oracle client is installed, the registry information is located under hkey_local_machine \ software \ oracle \, and there is no oracle directory under hkey_local_machine \ software \ wow6432node.

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