This article introduces you to the problem of installing and configuring svnserver under windows, and shares with youYou must have learned a lot after reading this article.Hope this article can teach you more

1. Configure the environment




2.Install apachehttpserver

Modify the installation directory to c:\ apachegroup

Installed to the c:\ programfiles \ apachegroup directory by default

The directory structure after installation is as follows:

c:\ apachegroup \ apache2 \ bin \

c:\ apachegroup \ apache2 \ conf \ ...

3. install subversion

Here use the zip package, decompress it to the c drive, and then add c:\ svn-win32-1.4.2 \ bin to the environment variable path.

The directory structure after decompression is as follows:

c:\ svn-win32-1.4.2 \ bin \

c:\ svn-win32-1.4.2 \ iconv \ ...

l Copy mod_dav_svn.so and mod_authz_svn.so from the c:\ svn-win32-1.4.2 \ bin directory to the c:\ apachegroup \ apache2 \ modules directory.

l Copy all the dll files in the c:\ svn-win32-1.4.2 \ bin directory to the c:\ apachegroup \ apache2 \ bin directory. Note that it is best to stop apache when copying dll files.

Open the c:\ apachegroup \ apache2 \ conf \ httpd.conf file with a text editor and find the following two lines



Remove the preceding #, and add the following two lines after all loadmodules



Then restart apache

4. Build a library

After the svnserver installation and configuration is complete, you need to build a library.Assume that the root directory of all libraries is f:\ svn, and to build a library named testrepos, open the dos window, go to the f:\ svn directory, and enter svnadmincreatef:\ svn \ testrepos

After executing the command, some directories and files will be generated in the f:\ svn \ testrepos directory.Then add the following at the end of the c:\ apachegroup \ apache2 \ conf \ httpd.conf file,And restart apache



svnparentpathf:\ svn


5. Test

Open the dos window and go to a temporary directory f:\ temp

svncohttp://localhost/svn/testrepos will display "checkedoutrevision0." after it is executed correctly.

6. Import

svnserver needs to be imported during installation and configuration,Such as creating a directory under a temporary folder (e.g. c:\ temp)




Enter the c:\ temp directory under the dos command line, and then execute svnimport.http://localhost/svn/testrepos-m "initialrepository". If the execution is successful, it will prompt that the revised version is 1.

7. About the establishment of the library

It is recommended to build a library for each project,E.g:

f:\ svn \ project1

f:\ svn \ project2

Then build the following structure for each library (the directory structure suggested by the official subversion manual)

f:\ svn \ project1 \ trunk This directory is used to store the project code under development

f:\ svn \ project1 \ branches This directory is used to store the version branch under development

f:\ svn \ project1 \ tags This directory is used to store branches that will not change.svnserver installation and configuration are explained here.

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