After the upgrade of vs2015 to update2, the following exceptions may occur,Prompt when running cordova project:

There will be garbled error messages when viewing the output panel:

This problem occurs because the npm program is broken.The npm program called by vs is not npm in the node installation directory, but in:

c:\ users \ username \ appdata \ roaming \ microsoft \ visualstudio \ mda \ vs-npm \ version number \

After upgrading vs, you will find that npm.cmd is no longer running.So when the cordova project is running,The inability to use npm to parse the package caused the program to fail to run.

The simplest solution is to replace the npm program here with a working npm.

Copy the npm program in the node installation directory, overwrite the npm program in this directory, and run the cordova project again.

Users who want to upgrade,If this problem occurs,Hope that can help you.In addition, if it is a newly installed update2, it is not an upgrade,This problem should not occur.

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