Install visual studio and .net core

1. Install visual studio community 2015, select community to download and perform the default installation,visual studio 2015 installer homepage

Create a web application

1. Start page Click New Project (or File → New → Project)

2.Select .net core on the left (if not installed.net core + visual studio toolsThere is no such option,Just close vs install this tool) and select asp.net core web application (.net core)

3.Select a web application

4. Change the authentication (you can not perform authentication by default). The options inside are clearly marked. You can customize it according to your needs.

5.OK to generate the solution

6. Let's see what is different from the previous ones

Models, controllers, views

7. Let's run it in iis first to see the effect.Study it again

It looks so advanced.Look at the code is not very different from our previous writing,It should be easier to get started.

The first use of core is basically to organize the information on the Internet.Haven't studied it before,I hope to study with you,If there is something wrong,I hope everyone can correct me;If you do not understand, I hope everyone can give pointers.

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