PHP originated in 1995 and was developed by rasmus lerdorf. Until now, php has gone through decades of washing,Become one of the most popular scripting languages ​​in the world.Since php5 is an object-oriented, completely cross-platform new web development language,So whether from a developer's perspective or from an economic perspective,Both are very practical.php language structure is simple and easy to get started,Many functions can be implemented with a single function.Many institutions have successively introduced new technologies such as the ide tool for developing PHP and the zend search engine.

Outline what is php

php (hypertext preprocessor, hypertext preprocessor), is a server, cross-platform, html embedded scripting language,Its unique syntax mixes the features of C language, Java language and Perl language,Is a widely used open source multipurpose scripting language,Especially suitable for web development.

php is b/s (browser/server, browser/server) architecture,Belongs to a three-tier structure.After the server starts,Users may not use client software,Accessible using just a browser,While maintaining a graphical user interface,It also greatly reduces the amount of application maintenance.

Advantages of the PHP language

php originated from free software,And open source,The development of web applications using php has the following advantages.

High security:php is open source software,Everyone can see all php source code,The way the program code is compiled with Apache makes its security settings more flexible.PHP has recognized security features.

Cross-platform features:php supports almost all operating system platforms,And support a variety of web servers such as apache, iis.

Supports a wide range of databases:Manipulate multiple mainstream and non-mainstream databases,Such as mysql, access, sql server, oracle, db2, etc., of which php and mysql are the best combination at present,Their combination works across platforms.

Easy to learn:php is embedded in the html language, mainly scripting languages,Built-in rich functions,Simple grammar and easy writing,Convenient for readers to learn and master.

Fast execution speed:Occupies less system resources,Code execution is fast.

free:In popular enterprise application lamp platforms, linux, apache, mysql, and php are all free software.This open source and free framework structure can save a lot of money for website operators.

Templated:Separate program logic from the user interface.

Object-oriented and process support:Supports both object-oriented and procedural development styles.And backward compatible.

Built-in zend acceleration engine,Stable and fast performance.

New features in php5

Constructors and destructors.

References to objects.

-Cloning of objects.

Private, public, and protected modes in the object.


· Abstract classes.


__Set and __get.

· Static members.

Using the appserv package under windows

A combined package is a package of server software and tools such as apache, php, and mysql.Developers can simply unpack the configured kit to a local hard drive and use it.No additional configuration is required.The combination package realizes the rapid establishment of the PHP development environment.For programmers just starting to learn PHP,This method is recommended to build PHP development environment.Although the combo package is much worse in flexibility,But its simple installation, fast speed, stable operation,Therefore, it is more suitable for beginners.

There are many popular combination packages online.There are three recommended packages here:easyphp, appserv, and xampp. Newbie words,It is recommended to use easyphp or appserv, and xampp is more complicated.

Click to download the appserv package:

As shown below:

appser integrated installation package

1. Double-click the appserv file to open the startup page as shown below:

2. Click the next button to open the appserv installation agreement page as shown below:

3. Click the i agree button to open the page as shown in the figure below.On this page, you can set the installation path of appserv (the default installation path is generally c:\ appserv). After the installation of appserv is complete,Apache, mysql, php will be stored in this directory in the form of subdirectories:

4. Click the next button to open the page as shown below.In this page, you can select the programs and components to be installed (select all by default):

5. Click the next button to open the page as shown below.This page mainly sets the port number of Apache:

The setting of the apache port number is critical.It is directly related to whether the apache server can be started successfully.If port 80 in this machine is occupied by IIS or Thunder,Then still use port 80 to complete the server configuration.You can modify the port number here,Or modify the port number of IIS or Thunder,This will resolve the issue.

6, click the next button, open as shown below,This page mainly sets the login password and character set of the root user of the mysql database.Set the character set to

"Gb2312 simplified chinese" means that the character set of the mysql database will be in simplified Chinese:

7, click the install button to start the installation,As shown below:

8. The following figure shows the completed interface:

After the appserv is installed, the entire directory is installed under the "c:appserv" path by default. This directory contains several subdirectories:

Open your browser,Enter "http://localhost/[the port number you set,If it is 80, you don't need to fill in] ", if you open the following figure,The appserv was successfully installed:

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