File manager is software that manages files,Help users with their daily work,Manage files stored locally and on the network.All file managers provide basic operations such as creating, opening, viewing, editing, moving, and deleting files.Many android file managers also provide extra features,Such as network connection, application management, archive and compression processing, search, etc.

Tonight I wrote the files below res,Because when the logic is written, if the resource folder does not exist,It will be very distressed.So when you study, you always write the resources first.Start writing logic.

Then let me summarize what I learned tonight.

ide:android studio

Convention, code.

First color.xml. I only knew todayIt turns out there are four values ​​in color.

I always think that it is rgb and it is over. As a result, there is an a in the middle, because there is a spelling error in the middle because of the ide prompt.I thought I couldn't write it that way.Remember this later.

Then the dimens.xml folder is actually generated during the eclipse (or previous ide) writing process.It's about norms.That is, there must be a distance of 16dp from the edge of the screen to the top, bottom, left, and right for easy tapping.New files will not generate this file now.But pay attention during the development process.Because relativelayout will have similar settings when it is created.

Next is string.xml, which writes something like%1 $s,I currently judge it as a placeholder.Is a statement to prompt,I don't know yet.Speak later.

In addition, hello world and setting are useless and can be completely deleted.But saving a few bytes is useless.probably.

Then there is styles.xml, the one above is generated when created,The one below I copied.Looking at the source code,In fact, it is generated when the project is created.The project author just added a windownotitle and windowactionbar. May have modified the color,For style uniformity.

The activity_main file contains it at a glance.Included is an actionbar, which was previously declared in style not to actionbar is completely for customization.Because it is included in a linearlayout, it is not a standard title bar.

Customize the toolbar, which just sets the color and theme.

You can be sure here.The main interface should be this framelayout, because file browsing is probably not possible.

I learned a lot of listview attributes.

  android:id="@ + id/listview"
  android:cachecolorhint="#ffffffff" //Buffer color hint
  android:cliptopadding="false" //Filled around
  android:divider="@ null" //item divider (horizontal line between each item in listview)
  android:dividerheight="0dp" //item divider height
  android:fadingedge="none" //Fade edges
  android:fadingedgelength="0dp" //Edge fade height
android:scrollbars="none" />//Scrollbar
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