This article shares the 16 best PHP libraries you must know as a programmer.You can add to your favorites while you understand

php is a powerful web site scripting language,With php, web developers can more easily create dynamic and engaging web pages. Developers can use php code and some website templates and frameworks to improve functions and features.However, writing PHP code is a tedious and time-consuming process.To reduce development time,Developers can use the php library instead of writing code to add functionality to the site.

Use php library instead of writing code,Can significantly reduce website development time,So developers can invest their time in important areas such as website design.

Today we are going to introduce the 16 best php libraries that will help website developers easily improve the functionality of their websitesOptimize PHP development time.


pchartis an impressive php library that can generate text data in the form of a visual chart.The data can be displayed as a histogram,Pie charts, and other formats.Using sql queries can help php scripts create stunning charts and graphs.

2. php captcha

php captchais another great php library for creating automated audio and visual captchas. The captcha system is a fully automated challenge that uses Turing tests to distinguish between humans and robots. The php library requires support for PHP 4 as well as compiled freetype text and gd 1 or 2 image generation.


dispatchis a simple php library that can define url rules to better organize websites.Using this php library you can match http paths and requirements,A specific type of display, etc.Combining dispatch with the other libraries listed in this article,Developers will have a powerful and simple working setup.

4. phpaes

phpaesis a type of PHP code that supports 128, 192, and 256-bit AES encrypted passwords. When it comes to compiling to php, you don't need other extensions.phpaes is fully functional,And in line with fips 197.

5. imageworkshop

imageworkshopis a great open source php library that allows you to hierarchically control the manipulation of images.Using the php library, you can crop, resize, add watermarks, make thumbnails, and more to process images in different ways. The php library also makes it easier to further enhance the images used on web sites.


minkis another useful php library that can help you test web page interactions with your internet browser.This library removes the differences in APIs between different browsers, thus providing developers with a better testing environment.

7. php thumbnailer

php thumbnaileris a simple image processing php library that can help generate thumbnails.This library does not require the installation of external libraries.php thumbnailer provides multiple controls for thumbnails,If you adjust the thumbnail size based on height, width, and percentage,Rotate the image,And create custom small graphics,Such as squares.


hoais structured,Modular, extensible php library that creates links between research and industry. This PHP library suggests essential paradigms, mechanisms, and algorithms to ensure the reliability of your web site.

9. php text to image

php text to imageis a php library that can convert text to images. In some simple cases,When displaying an email address as an image that cannot be found programmatically,This is very useful.Use this php library to reduce email address flooding through web crawlers and treating it as spam.


fakeris a very useful php library that can create fake data when needed.Using this php library, you can perform various tasks such as anonymous data,Boot database,Create xml documents to perform the task of stress testing.

11.php image upload class


Useratchet phplibrary, web developers can create real-time and bi-directional applications between client and server. This php library can help promote and create event driven applications,Instead of using traditional http requests.

13. php export xls class

php export xls classis a lightweight,Quick and simple php library that can export different types of data to excel. It can convert various data formats to.xls format. This library can also work on multiple worksheets,Metadata (title, author, description, etc.), different font types and styles,Fills, cell borders and gradients.Developers can also use php extensions to add images to worksheets.

14. phpdocumentor

phpdocumentoris a very good automatic documentation tool.Can help us create a professional document using php code. The php library supports adding a variety of different features to a website.Some value-added functions supported by the php library,Includes support for merging custom documents-such as tutorials,Linked documents,Create highlight source code,Function cross-references to php general documentation. This php library can help automate documentation.

15. php db class

php db classis a great php library that can help develop php and mysql. The tool provides easy and convenient access to a database,And reduce the amount of code needed to perform the task.In addition, this php library provides various debugging functions.For example, developers can use the debugging feature to display request and result tables,You can also perform this task by adding parameters to the methods of its class.

16. services_json

services_jsonAllows the transmission of human-readable data. The latest version of the php library provides great convenience for the server to transfer data.

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