Mostly use this function,Can handle mysqldb.escape_string (content).

class guide:
 def __init __ (self):
  self.time_zone=7 * 3600 #Set the time zone
  self.now_time=int (time.time ()) + self.time_zone #Get the current time
  self.gamedb_model=mysql_conn.mysqlhelper (config.game_db ["host"], config.game_db ["user"],    config.game_db ["password"], config.game_db ["db_name"],    config.game_db ["port"])
  self.remote_model=mysql_conn.mysqlhelper (config.remote_db ["host"], config.remote_db ["user"],    config.remote_db ["password"], config.remote_db ["db_name"],    config.remote_db ["port"])
  #game center
  self.commdb_model=mysql_conn.mysqlhelper (config.comm_db ["host"], config.comm_db ["user"],   config.comm_db ["password"], config.comm_db ["db_name"],   config.comm_db ["port"])
 def index (self):
  #Get users who are not logged in the next day
  for line in open ("2014.3.20_global_ips.txt"):
   list=line.split ("||")
   l=len (list)
   if l == 3:
    info=mysqldb.escape_string (list [3])
   self.commdb_model.insert ("ip_area", {"start_ip":list [0], "end_ip":list [1], "area":​​list [2], "info":info})
if __name__ == "__ main__":
 keep=guide ()
 keep.index ()
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