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Recently in the group,A friend asked what is this vshost.exe process?I did n’t know what it was,It feels like,See it often,When starting a project,See it often,I just didn't study what it was.Since we met,Can't let go,We need to study one or two.


By the name hosting process we can translate to:the hosting process.

the hosting process is a feature in visual studio 2005 that improves debugging performance, enables partial trust debugging, and enables design time expression evaluation. the hosting process files contain vshost in the file name and are placed in the output folder of your project. for more information, seedebugging and the hosting process.

The host process is a feature in vs2005,To improve debugging efficiency,Perform expression calculations and partial-trust debugging at design time. The host process file is named x.vshost.exe and is stored in the output directory of the project.E.g:

hosting process files (.vshost.exe) are for use by visual studio 2005 and should not be run directly or deployed with your application ..

The host process file (.vshost.exe) is used by vs2005 and cannot be run directly without your application.

Improve debugging efficiency

The host process (vshost.exe) creates an application domain associated with the current application debugger. Performing this operation will obviously increase the time between the start of debugging and the start of the application.But the host process can use this application domain to improve debugging efficiency and save the state of the application domain and the debugger during the application running.

design-time expression evaluation

Now you don't need to run the application,You can test your code in the immediate window.

partial trust debugging

An application can be designated as a partial trust application through the project designer's security settings page. Debugging this type of application requires special initialization of the application domain.The initialization is done by vshost.exe.

This process can be disabled by

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