Today, I accidentally deleted more than 1,000 pieces of data from the customer's database.And there was no backup before,Really depressedLater I found a tool online,It's very convenient to use,Let me escape.

First look at the interface:

Enter the server address,Click connect after the username and password to enter the following interface:

Select the database i want to recover data from here,Select use on-line log (If you back up your files, you do n’t need to use this tool,Get it directly with sql). Then click attach to enter the following interface:

You can see that there are many functions in the menu on the left,We want to recover the data,First look at the logs,Find out which log records we mishandled,Click view log under browse:

In this way we can see all operation logs for this database,We can filter out what we need based on conditions such as dates:

After filtering the logs,It's time to export the data,This tool provides two ways,The first is to export to an xml or html file (corresponding to export to file in the left menu), and the second is to create a new table directly in the databaseThen import the data (export to sql).

Let's take a look at the situation of importing to SQL. First, click the export to SQL option:

Enter the database and table names, and then finish.

In this way you will see several tables in your data database:






The recovered data is in the testtable_details table, but the data format has changed.You also need to write the stored procedure or import it into the original table by other methods.

The above is a solution for you to recover sql server 2000 accidentally deleted data.In the process of work and study, everyone may accidentally delete the database data by mistake.With the methods we have for everyone,Hope to help everyone.

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