public partial class form4:form
  private bitmap mybitmap;
  public form4 ()
   initializecomponent ();
   datatable dt=new datatable ();
   datacolumn dc1=new datacolumn ("name", typeof (system.string));
   datacolumn dc2=new datacolumn ("age", typeof (system.string));
   dt.columns.add (dc1);
   dt.columns.add (dc2);
   for (int i=0;i<20;i ++)
    datarow row=dt.newrow ();
    row ["name"]=i.tostring ();
    row ["age"]=i.tostring ();
    dt.rows.add (row);
  private void combobox1_format (object sender, listcontrolconverteventargs e)
   datarowview mydatarowview=(datarowview) (e.listitem);
   e.value=string.format ("{0}-{1}-{2}", mydatarowview ["name"], mydatarowview ["name"], mydatarowview ["name"]);
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