windows server2008 r2 mvc environment configuration-sql server 2008 r2

2.Unzip the image (.iso file)

3.1 Run the installer as administrator

4.1.0 installation support rules detection

4.1.1 Enter the version key

4.1.2 Acceptance of Terms

4.1.3 Installation Support Files

4.1.3 Installer Support Rules

4.1.3 Setting the role

4.1.4 Select feature installation (To prevent trouble later,Select all)

4.1.5 Installation rules

4.1.6 instance configuration,According to own needs,Default also

4.1.7 Disk space requirement detection (enough space)

4.1.8 server configuration-according to their own business choices,Please refer to the following instructions for local system:local system users,Commonly used for personal computer network service:network service users,Can remotely connect to the database local service:local service

4.1.9 database engine configuration,It is recommended to select the mixed mode,Note:Remember the password you set !!!

4.2.0.analysis services configuration

4.2.1.reporting services configuration

4.2.2. Error reports,By default.It specifies whether to send an error report to Microsoft when an error occurs.

4.2.3. Installation and configuration rules

4.2.4. Ready to install

4.2.5. Everything is ready,Wait patiently.

4.2.6. Installation is complete,Go home

4.2.7. Intimate tips (Xiaobai can find the SQL server we have installed in the following way)

4.2.8. If you have uninstalled SQL before or the installation was unsuccessful,You may encounter the following problems in step 4.2.3:

Solution:(find the following path,Delete these files)

Re-run detection:ok continue

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