php + apache + mysql download

php download:http://www.php.netAfter entering the php official website, click download to enter the following interface.The above shows the different versions. I chose php5.6.19, which is more stable.If there is no version requirement, it is recommended to use that version.Develop php under windows environment, so continue to click the windows downloads in the picture to download the compressed package.

In the interface you can see that there are mainly vc11 x64 thread safe, vc11 x64 none thread safe and other versions. I chose the vc11 x64 thread safe thread-safe zip compression package.

Apache download:http://www.apachehaus.com/cgi-bin/download.plx This link leads directly to the download interface. Apache can directly download the latest version,It is recommended to choose vc9 version for compatibility reasons. The specific differences are explained on the webpage and will not be repeated here.

Click download in the red border to install the package again,Then follow the prompts to install it.Remember to install in the same directory as the php extract package

Next, you need to configure and install the main Apache server.With it, Apache can start:

Open cmd window and enter:"D:studytools \ apache \ bin \ httpd.exe" -k install -n apachewhere d:studytools \ apache \ bin \ httpd.exe is my own path,You need to change according to your own path.

Remember to include quotes.The command means,Install the apache service and name the service apache (you can change it to something else) and press Enter

The service is installed.After it's done, it will be tested automatically,If there is a problem,The window will prompt an error,In this case, please troubleshoot by yourself.

Among them, errors reported here must be corrected before the service can be started. Meaning, if there is an error message after the sentence,It means that the service installation failed,Need to correct errors first.If not, it succeeds.

mysql download and install steps too many,The online tutorial is very detailed,It is omitted here........

MySQL 5.7.12 Winx64 installation and configuration method graphic tutorial

MySQL 5.7.13 installation and configuration method graphic tutorial (Linux)

MySQL 5.7.13 winx64 installation and configuration method graphic tutorial

Now start to build the environment of the three:1. In order for php to connect with mysql and apache to parse php, we need to make some changes to php and apache.

(2) Open the php.ini file again to find;extension=php_mysql.dll;extension=php_mysqli.dllRemove the ";" in front as shown below

After removing the preceding semicolon,Then you can connect to the database in mysql or mysqli mode.When i want to use other such as pdo to connect to the database,You can follow the tutorial to cancel the following several titles about pdo.Next to find"extension_dir ="Fill in the path of your dynamic link library folder,That is,/php/ext, for example, the path of the ext package under my php is d:\ studytools \ php \ ext, so set it to the red box as shown below.In this way, we give the path of the dynamic link library included in php,SuggestIt is best to add the path of ext to the path of your computer's environment.

After this,There is no problem between php and the database

Next solve the problem of apache parsing php

1. Open the httpd.conf file in the conf folder under the apache installation package and find define srvroot "" Write the path to apache in the title and add the following code to save it

loadmodule php5_module "e:/wamp/php-5.6/php5apache2_4.dll"

<ifmodule mod_php5.c>

phpinidir "e:/wamp/php-5.6/"

addtype application/x-httpd-php.php

addtype application/x-httpd-php-source .phps


Test successFinally, you can start writing your own php file in the htdocs folder under apache. You can write a test.php file with the following content:

  phpinof ();

Save, open apachemonitor.exe in the bin file under apache, click start, and then enter localhost/test.php on the website. If the environment is successfully deployed, the following interface will appear.In the interface, there will be php information. If mysql is connected,Related information about mysql will also appear later.

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