This article introduces you to the status of the progress bar when mysql/mariadb is started.After the progress bar ends, an error is displayed. what is the root cause?how should I solve this?Follow us to see how to solve this problem.

Opening the website today suddenly found that the website could not be opened.Later, logging in to the server through ssh found that the mariadb database was not started successfully.It doesn't start successfully after starting again,Always in the startup progress bar,After the progress bar ends, an error is displayed. Viewing the log gives the following error:

innodb:unable to lock ./ibdata1, error:11

After debugging, it was found that the partition where the mariadb database was full was full,Cannot start.

Only move the mariadb database storage data directory to another partition with a larger disk share or delete some unnecessary files from the current allocation.

Move method:

1. Stop the mysql server:

/etc/init.d/mysql stop

2. The following new directory uses/data/mysql/as an example, and then copy the database from the old directory to the new directory:

cp -r/data/mariadb/home/mariadb

3. Grant the new directory as the mysql user group:

chown mysql:mysql -r/home/mariadb /

4. Modify the configuration file:

vi /etc/my.cnf

Find/data/mariadb, change this address to your current data storage directory address,Then save

5. Start mysql:

/etc/init.d/mysql start
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