Solution to insufficient website permissions after iis7.5 configuration in windows server 2008 r2:

common problem:

http error 500.0-internal server errorThe page cannot be displayed.Because of an internal server error.

Module isapimodule

Notify executerequesthandler

Handler abomappercustom-20607

Error code 0x800700c1

Requested url http://localhost:80/index.php

Physical path d:\ wwwroot \ 777t \ index.php

Login method Anonymous

Logged in user anonymous


Solve the problem that iis7.5 cannot access the configuration file due to improper permission settings:

1. Create a new website user in the server computer management for anonymous access to the website,For example, the username is 365aixue

When you create a new website in 2.iis7.5, there is a [Connect as ...] under the physical path. After you open it, set it to a specific user for the previously created 365aixue

Select website in 3.iis7.5,Select Authentication in the feature view on the right,Edit [Anonymous Authentication] for the newly created 365aixue

4. Add read and modify permissions for 365aixue users in the disk website directory

5. It is important to note that the permissions of the hard disk web directory must be set to the permissions of the parent directory of the web directory (I don't know why)

6. Pay attention to choose whether the application process pool is integrated or classic.If integrated is selected,Go to Advanced Settings to see if enabling 32-bit applications is true. If not,Modify it to true

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