Using windows 7 and occasionally tx about the logs may find that under bad network conditions, you can often find a system log similar to the following figure prompting "After the dns server has not been configured to respond,Name domain name name resolution timeout ", and your network connection will be interrupted or restricted,Only when the network card is disabled and then enabled will it return to normal.

Today, my colleague said that his notebook somehow couldn't go online.At first I thought it was me doing the test,I got him an IP conflict, but it turned out not to be an IP conflict in the past. It is understood that it was not easy to use on Monday.I installed qq housekeeper once on saturday, and it is no problem to use wireless at home.When you go to the company with a cable, it will cause problems.I wo n’t be able to go online in about 1 ~ 2 hours.can not open the website,qq will also be offline,Just disable and then enable the network card ~

The error log information is as follows:

To be honest, I didn't understand what was going on,There is nothing more in the network card protocol.It looks like arp cheat, but it is impossible for him to be cheated by several computers in the office,So google it and found that someone encountered the same problem.

Then the solution is as described above

The registry key value hkey_local_machine \ system \ currentcontrolset \ services \ nlasvc \ parameters \ internet has been changed to enableactiveprobing value of 0, restarted, modified today,It's okay for an hour,Check it out tomorrow!

In addition, I also checked why enableacetiveprobing is used.Later, I found a half-knowledge on the Microsoft forum.Vista and windows 7 have a network connectivity status indicator (ncsi). This function can be seen in "benefits and purposes of the network connectivity status indicator"

ncsi will try to visit the following URL and query DNS records every time. When the result cannot be found,ncsi will consider no internet access, that is to say that no internet access can only indicate that it cannot be accessed or cannot resolve dns.msftncsi.com, it does not mean that it cannot connect to other websites.

But the administrator explained that,This does not affect normal Internet access,But the fact does affect the Internet,And the cause of this problem is unknown.The materials are all in English.Can't read and understandFaint

Note:Modifying enableacetiveprobing to 0 may cause the network indicator in the lower right corner to always display an exclamation mark.