I. Introduction to ipython

ipython is an interactive shell that works better than the default terminal,Supports automatic indentation,And built a lot of useful functions and functions.Can be used on any operating system.

Installation method

1.pip online installation

pip install ipython

pip install "ipython [notebook]"

2. Download and install

You can download the installation package from github,Change to the directory and run the following script

python setup.py install

Three. Simple to use

Open a linux terminal and type in the command line

Will enter ipython's interactive shell, and will display some information about ipython,In [1]:you can enter python code

python 2.7.6 (default, jun 22 2015, 17:58:13)
type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
ipython 4.0.0-an enhanced interactive python.
?->introduction and overview of ipython "s features.
%quickref->quick reference.
help->python "s own help system.
object?->details about "object", use "object??" for extra details.
in [1]:(enter code here)

For example, print "hello ipython" and enter the following code

in [1]:print ("hello ipython")
hello ipython
in [2]:

In this linux environment, install ipython and configure the python development environment.If i want to configure the development environment under windows,Need to install anaconda first, this is an installation management program,Use it to easily complete the python upgrade operation,And comes with a lot of python libraries.

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