The mysql database cannot be installed! The last step of mysql installation is not on! MySQL is not installed! Is it a headache?Very annoyingDo n’t worry about it now,We have compiled the reasons for mysql installation failures and solutions for mysql installation failures.Come check it out!

Difficulty 1:Apply security setting error reported during mysql 5.1 installation

1. Uninstall mysql.

2. Delete the directory c:\ documents and settings \ all users \ application data \ mysql.

3. Reinstall mysql is OK.

Difficulty 2:mysql prompt could not start the service mysql prompt

Install mysql 5.1.33, the third start service in the execute configurattion step when running the server instance configuration wizard fails, the error message could not start the service mysql

analysis:This situation is generally caused by mysql installed and unclean uninstallation.After uninstalling, restart and reinstall.Pay attention to the service,If it fails to uninstall,You can usemysqld-nt -removeUninstall.

The specific method is as follows:

1. Check if there is mysql in the service, and if so, stop the service.

2. Run the add-remove program in the control panel,Uninstall mysql.

3. Open the registry after uninstalling,Looking at the key values ​​under hkey_local_machine \ system \ currentcontrolset \ services,If there are related mysql key values ​​(mysql, mysqladmin), delete them.

4. Restart and delete the remnant directory of mysql installation (check service,(At this point there is no mysql in the service).

5. Reinstall mysql. Do not run the server instance configuration wizard after installation. After restarting, run the wizard in the start menu.Just fine.

Difficulty 3:msyql installation to the last step start service error

1. Go to the control panel and delete mysql first.

2. Go to c:\ program files and delete the mysql directory.

3.If there are setting directories on other disks, also delete them.Empty directories are also deleted.

4. Go to regedit and put the registry:




If so, delete them all! (skill:Look for "mysql" with f3 loop) 5. If the mysql content in the task manager is also deleted.

5. Turn off the firewall.

6. Reinstall mysql (I did not restart the computer here).

If necessary when reinstalling,Restart your computer,Disable iis, and delete temporary files in temp.

If it does n’t work,When configuring mysql, change the mysql service to a service name.

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