easyui is a collection of jquery-based user interface plugins.Next, I will introduce to you the relevant knowledge of jquery easyui to verify whether the two passwords are equal.Interested friends study together

What is jquery easyui

The jquery easyui framework provides everything you need to create web pages,Help you build your site easily.

easyui is a jquery-based framework that integrates various user interface plugins.

easyui provides the necessary functionality to build modern, interactive javascript applications.

With easyui, you don't need to write too much javascript code, in general you just need to use some html tags to define the user interface.

The full frame of the html page.

easyui saves time and scale in developing products.

easyui is very simple,But it is very powerful.

jquery easyuiIs a very good ui framework, but there is no most commonly used validation in form validation to determine that the values ​​in the two output boxes are equal,So I did the next extension.

* @author yukaizhao
* /
$.extend ($. fn.validatebox.defaults.rules, {
/* Must be equal to a field * /
validator:function (value, param) {
return $(param [0]). val () == value;
},message:"fields do not match"

Example of use:


<input name="password" validtype="length [4,32]" required="true" type="password" value="" />
<br />

confirm password:

<input type="password" name="repassword" required="true" validtype="equalto [" #password "]" invalidmessage="password entered twice does not match" />

Specify the validtype attribute as equalto ["#password"].

Of course use this widget,You must first reference the js library of jquery easyui.

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