When I was in school, I often used mysql, and I didn't think of anything else at the time.The main reason is that mysql has relatively low computer requirements.The load is relatively small.I have been using oracle after work, now because of the needs of the project,Reinstalled mysql and found that there were a lot of changes.

This experience applies toInstall the latest mysql database.

Specific implementation steps:

Download mysql, the author searches for mysql through Du Niang, finds the file mysql-installer-community-, although this file is relatively large,But we can distinguish between 64-bit and 32-bit, as shown in the figure

Double-click the installation package,Pre-installation will appear,When preparation is complete,The installation selection dialog appears,As shown

Click "install mysql products", the "License Agreement" dialog box appears, we select to agree,Click "next", as shown

The Network Check Latest Version dialog box appears.How could the author,Check the box "skip the check ..." below so that no new version will be downloaded,Click the "next" button. Note that "skip ..." is not selected in the picture, it can be selected in reality.As shown

The "Installation Type" dialog box pops up. We choose "developer default" (of course, you can choose other ones).Then select the installation location and where the data is saved,Click "next", as shown

The next step is to check the current installation environment of the computer.And choose the components to install according to the installation environment,Now that we have chosen the "default" installation, then "next" will do. If you don't want to install the components listed in the picture,Need to click "back" and select "custom", as shown in the figure

Next, the components to be installed are listed,These components are based on the components listed in the previous step,mysql is automatically selected,If you don't want to install then "back" to select "custom", otherwise the installation will continue,Click "execute" to start downloading the components to be installed,If the network is not good,Need to wait patiently,As shown

The download is completed and the installation is started.As shown

After the installation is complete,Click "next" and follow the default prompts,Keep clicking "next" until the interface shown in the figure appears

Click "finish" to open the mysql workbench interface and click the "database" menu item, as shown in the figure

The Connect Database dialog box appears.As shown, according to the default options,Click "stroe in ..." to add a password in the pop-up set password dialog,Click "ok"

If the connection is successful,The operation interface as shown in the figure is displayed.We can see that there are three database instances on the left,This is an example database installed by default

We click "server status", you can see the running status of the database,As shown

Go here to install mysql.

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