This article introduces ten reasons to use the php framework.

The php framework provides a basic framework for building web applications.This simplifies the process of writing web applications with PHP.In other words, the php framework helps promote rapid application development (rad), which not only saves development time, but also helps build more stable applications,And reduce the development of repeated coding.

1. Can better organize code and folders.

Not because you created a new/inc folder,Then write function.php file in it, it can show that your code is organized.But when you use a php framework,The framework itself already has a certain folder structure,You need to follow some standards of the framework,This will ensure that you always organize your code in a certain way.

Unfortunately,Some named line champions are still using vi, which can be a challenge.When you work, you will encounter many small files.When you use the framework,You can easily use a modern editor or IDE to browse your code structure,This way you can quickly find the files you need.

2. Common code and class libraries

php is a great web development language,It provides countless tools and class libraries.But when you try to build a website alone,You either write the code yourself,Either use third-party code.

All good PHP frameworks will provide you with some libraries and helper functions,They can help you with:form validation, input and output data filtering, database abstraction, session and cookie handling, email, calendar and pagination,The list goes on.Not to mention, there are a lot of plugins provided by the community,You can add it to your framework.

3.mvc mode

The famous MVC model dates back to 1979 and was first proposed by a Norwegian computer scientist named Harvey.

PHP works by itself like a template engine.But if you use it irresponsibly,This will make your code ugly,Will make the code difficult to maintain.

mvc mode:

Model:usually represents your data structure and database interface;

View:contains page templates and output;

Controller:Handles requests for pages.

This separation is cleaner code,Easier to maintain.

4. Security

In php, you may have thought of many ways to filter the input and output,To prevent your site from being attacked.Handling these filters manually can be tiring,When you use the framework,You can forget those tired.

For a framework,Most filtering can be done automatically for you.For example codeigniter framework:

Any values ​​that pass through the database will be filtered to prevent SQL injection attacks.

All html can be generated automatically,For example, form helper functions and url helper functions can automatically filter the output of all user input data to prevent xss attacks.

To encrypt cookies, you only need to change one configuration option.

5. Use less code,Increase development speed

All PHP frameworks will have a learning curve,But one point you crossed Gu Feng,You will enjoy the fun of rapid development.

Using a framework means you write less code,This means less time spent typing.You don't have to find third-party libraries for each project.Because the framework has already provided you with many class libraries.

Also, because your code is organized by default in one way,This way you can find errors and maintain code faster,Make changes to your current code.

6. Community Support

All popular PHP frameworks have an active community behind them.You can ask for help, discussion or feedback with other developers.

7. Enhance employment competitiveness

I wonder if you have seen it recently,Some company job requirements require experience using the framework,As a web developer, having experience using the php framework will enhance employment competitiveness.

8. Performance

Most people who oppose the use of PHP frameworks will say that frameworks reduce PHP performance.

But first you should understand,The cost of development is much higher than the price of server hardware.The money saved on development and maintenance time may outweigh any additional money spent on the server.

Throwing all that said aside,You can actually use the PHP framework to gain performance advantages.The framework itself comes with some tools,They can help you do caching, testing, and analysis.

Some modern frameworks also dynamically load some of the code it needs.

9. Suitable for teams

The php framework can create a suitable environment for you,Provide good teamwork.You can let designers work on top of the view layer,Let the database engineer work on the model layer,Let smart programmers repeatedly use libraries and plugins.You can also let others build unit tests,Because the php framework itself comes with many tools.

10. very interesting

This may actually be the most important of all the reasons.When your work is fun,Your work will be more efficient.If you have been using old-style php coding for years,Or get tired of it.Getting started with the framework will give you some morale,Like a new toy,And you can do a lot of cool things with frameworks.At least that's how I felt when I first used the framework.I believe many web developers will have similar experiences.

in conclusion:

Using a php framework may not be your best choice,However, you should use a development attitude towards the web world,Constantly learn from new technologies and developments in the network.Today the framework is very popular and hot,We still don't know what the php framework will look like tomorrow,But what I want to say is,The php framework is definitely worth exploring.

I hope to use the ten reasons to use the PHP framework introduced in this article,Inspiring everyone,Can help everyone.

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