First, it is the configuration of iis7.0. As the default iis version of windows server 2008 operating system is 7.0, we knowiis7.0 and iis6.0

The core note:first set the application pool to integrated mode,After modifying ok, change to classic mode.Otherwise, no managed program can come out.The rest can be operated in this mode.

The user interface is quite different.as the picture shows:

1. iis7.0 operation interface:

2 Create a new website and create an application pool corresponding to the website.Note that after creating a new website under iis7,The program will automatically create a new application pool corresponding to it;No new application pool is required.As shown

3 Add the website details page as shown:

4 After completing all,You can click OK directly (Note:you cannot click OK without filling in the website information)

5 After the website is set up,The next problem is to configure pseudo-static,How to configure pseudo-static under iis7?

Note:The above are the original steps.Next, I will introduce the extra steps under windows server 2008 and iis7.0.

Everyone needs to look carefully;

(1) Change the application pool to integrated mode

(2) Add script mapping.

Open the iis main page and find the option for handler mapping,Double-click to open,

as the picture shows:

After opening, the following interface is displayed,Find the "Add Script Map" section in the top right corner of the action section, as the picture shows:

Figure 6)

Once you find the "Add Script Map" section,click to enter,A new dialog will pop up,The request path is set to * .html, the executable file is%windir%\ microsoft.net \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ aspnet_isapi.dll, and the name can be set to htmlrequest, as shown in the figure:

Click the Request Limit button.Then select the "Predicate" column.Limit the predicates to get, head, post, debug as shown

(3) Add wildcard script mapping

(Path:* Executable file:c:\ windows \ microsoft.net \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ aspnet_isapi.dll

Name:any, such as all)

Find the Add wildcard script mapping option in the upper right corner of the handler mapping, as the picture shows:

When you find it, click Add Wildcard Script Map.path:*

The executable file is c:\ windows \ microsoft.net \ framework \ v2.0.50727 \ aspnet_isapi.dll,

Name can be set to all

as the picture shows:

(4) managed handler mapping,The steps are the same as before:



Any name such as html-integrate) -------->(without processing request restrictions)

(5) Add hosting module

as the picture shows,Find the module options in the site view.Double-click to open:

Figure (13)

Select Add Managed Module in the upper right corner.Fill in the name as all, change the type to urlrewriter.modulerewriter, check the top and bottom only for asp. Net application or request from hosted program:

(6) Application pool changed to classic mode

In this way, under Windows Server 2008, the IIS static configuration of the IIS 7.0 version is completely over.Next, you can operate as normal,So far, under the windows server 2008 operating system,iis7.0 static solution

The following are solutions to problems encountered during the configuration process:

http error 404.2-not found Due to the "isapi and cgi restrictions" list setting on the web server,The page you requested could not be served.

Open iis, select basic settings in the right operation,Click next to the application pool,Mode changed to classic,

Is to switch the management mode to classic mode.

Appear environment:win7 + iis7.0

Solution:the root node of iis->"isapi and cgi restriction" on the right->set the prohibited dotnet version item to allow,OK ~

If not, you can add it yourself,The path is as follows:

http error 404.0-not found The resource you were looking for has been deleted, renamed, or temporarily unavailable.1. Select site-"iis-" handler mapping-"add script mapping (corresponding extension)

2. Select site-"iis-" handler mapping-"add wildcard script mapping (corresponding extension)

If 32-bit support is selected in the application pool, then it is OK to configure the 32-bit isapi again according to the above.

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