Event Type:Error

Event Source:.net runtime optimization service

Event Type:None

Event id:1101






.net runtime optimization service (clr_optimization_v2.0.50727_32)-failed to compile:microsoft.reportingservices.querydesigners, version=, culture=neutral, publickeytoken=89845dcd8080cc91. error code=0x80070002

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Error occurs in cause and environment

Currently:windows 2003 sp2 + sql 2005 server sp3

Originally running reportserivce from windows2003 + sql2005 has been upgraded to the current environment,There have been many problems during the upgrade process.For example, when sp1 is upgraded to sp2, all report subscriptions fail.Fortunately, you can analyze the database table structure,Tumble back again.I do n’t know when the auto-upgrade will happen.Upgraded some gdr patches, reportserver failed to start,7000 7009 error occurred, see what authorization problem should rs log,Later, I got it by upgrading to sql sp3.

sql 2005 report server,It also turned out.net runtime optimization service 1101,But I haven't solved him,Suddenly one day,Aura,The problem may be with iis. So I manually modified the asp.net version of iis, and the problem was solved.Haha. As shown below:

Postscript, easy to say here,But doing operation and maintenance,Not easy at all.In fact, every patch is tested.Because of this server,It doesn't matter.Troubleshoot, calm down most,Maybe the solution is extremely simple,Anyone can do it.

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