Recently, there are a lot of problems that always prompt problem with the ssl ca cert when using wordpress to upgrade versions and install plug-ins. How can I solve it?Below we share my solution to everyone,

Help a classmate's wordpress blog relocate from virtual hosting to vps hosting environment,His vps environment is built using the free version of amh4.2 environment,Notify that you cannot download when upgrading the latest wordpress 4.3 version and installing plugins,There is a prompt problem with the ssl ca cert (path?access rights?) error. This problem is still encountered for the first time.

If this problem cannot be solved,Then all future upgrade themes, plugin installations,Have to be manually upgraded and activated,Still more troublesome,So use the search function,Find a solution.This problem is mainly a limitation caused by the security of the system,We can install and enable the amchroot module in the background of the amh panel, and then set the default security mode to compatible mode.


First, download and install the amchroot module

Download and activate the amchroot module from the amh module background.

Second, set compatibility mode

Set the compatibility mode here.

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