I installedin this environment configurationapache-2.4.23Version!

1. First unzip the downloaded zip file to your special wamp environment folder,This is more convenient to find later:

2. Start cmd:If you use win10 like me, you need to right click to run as administrator,As shown, change to the directory where apache is located.

httpd.exe -hYou can see the available commands.

3. Usehttpd.exe -k installInstall apache. This time it will reportServer path error:

4. Inhttpd.confModify the server path in the file.

5. Start apache:httpd.exe -k start(or write directlyhttpd -k start).

6. In the service,See if it's started.

7. Test if it worksVisit localhost.

8. Install ok! For the convenience of starting later,I like to put the bin directoryapachemonitor.exeSend a shortcut to the desktop.In the future, start apache and double-click it.

Check it out! !! !!

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