Today we will talk about how to customize the animation of the back button in andorid.I will explain how to use it in combination with practical applications.

The way I implemented before is the same as the Baidu/google homepage search.Similar to ajax requests in web development, the results are displayed directly on the current page (drop down effect). Later, after referring to many apps, I found that they entered a new page.So I tried to change it.. Nonsense too much..

After we clicked on the search box,Will enter a new activity, the animation effect here is very simple,Use the overridependingtransition method directly to produce the effect..

public void onclick (view v) {
    intent intent=new intent (activity,        merchantssearchactivity.class);
    startactivity (intent);
    overridependingtransition (r.anim.in_from_right,        r.anim.out_to_left);

Enter the real search interface:

Here we have a back button,How about clicking the back button,Return the page to the previous page and the animation effect slides to the right?

The first thought was to rewrite

public void onbackpressed () {
 overridependingtransition (r.anim.in_from_left,        r.anim.out_to_right);
    super.onbackpressed ();

Try it like this,No way.

Then consider the direction of the activity life cycle,The feasible method is to add animation effect code to the onpause method:

protected void onpause () {
    super.onpause ();
    overridependingtransition (r.anim.in_from_left,        r.anim.out_to_right);

Run, click back. Works perfectly.

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