What programming language should developers learn to get jobs like machine learning or data science?This is a very important issue.This article provides the author's answer and explains why

What programming language should developers learn to get jobs like machine learning or data science?This is a very important issue.We have discussed it in many forums.Now I can provide my own answer and explain why,But let's look at some data first.After all, this is what machine learners and data scientists should do:look at the data, not the point of view.

Ado,On the data. I searched for skills that work with Machine Learning and Data Science,Search options include programming languages ​​java, c, c++, and javascript. It also includes python and r because we know it's popular in machine learning and data scienceOf course, there is scala. Considering its relationship with spark, plus julia, some developers think this is "the next big thing". Run this query,The data we get is as follows:

When we focus on machine learning,We got similar data:

What can we learn from this data?

First of all, we see that it is not all-in-one.under these circumstances,Various machine learning programming languages ​​are popular.

Second, all these programming languages ​​are growing dramatically,Reflecting that over the past few years,The focus and demand of enterprises on machine learning and data science is rapidly increasing.

Third, python is clearly the leader,Second is java, then r, then c++. Python's lead over Java is increasing,And java's leading position on r is declining.must admit,I was surprised to see that Java came second;I originally thought it was r.

Fourth, the growth of scala is impressive.It hardly existed three years ago,It is now almost on the same level as these mature programming languages.When we switch to a relative view of the data on Indeed.com,This is easier to find.

Fifth, although Julia's popularity is not obvious,But there is definitely an upward trend.Will julia become a popular machine learning and data science programming language?The future will tell you.

If we ignore scala and julia to be able to focus on the growth of other programming languages,Then we can undoubtedly confirm that:Python and r are growing faster than common languages.

Considering the difference in growth rates,r's popularity may soon surpass java.

When we focus on the problem of deep learning,The data is completely different:

At this time, Python is still the leader,But c++ is now second,Then java, while c is in the fourth and r is only in the fifth. The high-performance computing language is clearly emphasized here.Java is developing rapidly.It can reach second place quickly,Just like general machine learning.r won't be near the top anytime soon.What surprised me was Lua's absence, although it was used in a major deep learning framework (orch), and Julia did not exist.

At this point, which language is the most popular programming language?The answer should be clear.When it comes to machine learning and data science work,Python, java and r are the most popular skills.If i want to focus on deep learning,Instead of general machine learning,Then, to a certain extent, C++ and C are also worth considering.Keep in mind, however, that this is just one way to look at the problem.If i want to find a job,Or you just want to learn machine learning and data science in your spare time,You may get different answers.

What about my personal answer?In addition to being supported by many top machine learning frameworks,python works well for me,Because I have a background in computer science.For developing new algorithms,I also feel very comfortable,Because most of my career has been programmed in this language.But this is mePeople with different backgrounds may find it better to use another language.A statistician with limited programming skills will definitely prefer r. A powerful java developer can use his favorite language,Because there is a lot of open source code for java api.For any language on these charts,There can be similar examples.

So my suggestion is,Before spending a lot of time learning a language,Decide which programming language to choose based on your situation,Remember not to follow suit.

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