November programming language ranking python counterattack c#rose to No. 4, no matter which list python has maintained an extraordinary growth rate,Why python grows so fast

tiobe programming language rankings in November,Python counterattack c#

There was a time,Scripting languages ​​are easy to write and run,It is predicted to grow strong in the future.As a result, languages ​​such as perl, python, php, and ruby ​​were very popular at the time.And today,It seems that only Python is very strong,Other scripting languages ​​are gradually out of the top 20 or their rankings are falling.

In the top 20 rankings,It can be seen that Python has surpassed c#to rise to the 4th position. Regardless of which list Python is growing at an extraordinary rate,Why is Python growing so fast?As we all know,Python is very powerful,The standard library is extremely rich,From web development to data science,Then come to devops, and now more and more applications are developed using python.

November programming language rankings top20 list:

The main reason for the decline in scripting languages ​​may be performance issues,Of course this may depend on many factors,The question is how many casesPerformance issues are fatal.Most errors in scripting languages ​​occur at runtime,People are increasingly demanding quality,Few people dare to write a critical large software system in a scripting language

It is also worth noting that the number one java continues to decline,Down 5.52%, ranking first among the top 20,Is java going out?

top 10 Programming Languages ​​tiobe Index Trend (2002-2016)

Ranking of other programming languages

Ranks 21-50 are as follows, with possible omissions:

The 51st to 100th are as follows, because the numerical difference between them is small,Listed as text only (sorted alphabetically):

4th dimension/4d, abc, actionscript, apl, arc, autolisp, bash, bc, bourne shell, c shell, cfml, cl (os/400), clipper, common lisp, elixir, euphoria, f #, forth, haskell, icon , idl, inform, io, j, korn shell, ladder logic, maple, ml, moo, mql4, mumps, natural, nxt-g, ocaml, opencl, openedge abl, oz, pl/i, postscript, powershell, q, rexx, ring, scheme, smalltalk, spark, spss, standard ml, stata, tcl

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