If you choose a programming language to get started with hacking,Which one do you think is most suitable?It might as well try python, it might be a good try ~

Advantages of the Python language

At present, Python is widely used in various fields.It follows thatAs a programming development language,Python has many advantages,Its syntax is easy to learn and supports multiple libraries.The same code can run on multiple platforms.

■ Easy to learn and use

When learning a new programming language,Various problems are often encountered.To solve these problems,The Python language has done a lot of work.For example, you don't have to declare variable types in Python,It is determined dynamically at runtime.In addition, there is no need for users to manage memory.These tasks are performed automatically by the interpreter.

■ powerful

python is an open source language,Developers all over the world have been spontaneously improving python, constantly developing and creating a variety of powerful libraries.Features that require dozens of lines of code in other languages,You can do it in Python with a few simple lines of code.

■ Good scalability

Windows, unix, mac, android operating systems can use python, just install the corresponding interpreter in the target operating system.Python has a variety of built-in programming interfaces,With it, you can use APIs developed in other languages ​​in Python to extend the functionality infinitely.

■ Fast development

Python syntax is simple,And has a lot of powerful libraries,Compared to other programming languages,Use python to develop applications faster.In an industry where competition is fierce and there are strict requirements for development speed,It is necessary to use Python for development.

During initial programming language training,The Python language is often used heavily. Because Python is easy to learn,And has various functions.There are a lot of communities on the web about learning python from which you can download various modules with rich features.

Python hacking advantages

There are three aspects to hacking:

The first is background knowledge,Need to understand the principles of language structure, operating system, network, computer architecture, etc .;The second must be proficient in using various hacking tools,Finding system vulnerabilities and implementing attacks is repetitive work,The flexible use of various hacking tools can automate this task,Show complex system structures in a graphical format that is easy to understand;Third, you must master a programming language,No matter how powerful hacking tools are,When conducting a difficult hack,You have to write your own tools,You need to master the programming language.

For example, the Python language has the following advantages:

Supports powerful hacking modules.As mentioned before,One of the advantages of python is its rich and varied libraries.Python provides various libraries,Used to support hacking,Such as pydbg, scapy, sqlmap, httplib, etc. Currently, these libraries are widely used in various hacking attacks. Ability to access various APIs. Python provides the ctypes library. With this, hackers can access dlls and shared libraries provided by windows, os x, linux, solaris, freebsd, openbsd and other systems. A number of hacking tools provide Python APIs. The most representative hacking tools are sqlmap, nmap, metasploit, etc. They all provide python extension interfaces.Hackers use python to make these tools more powerful. Easy to learn and use.Python language is easy to learn and use,This is a huge advantage for hacking.Generally speaking,To be a hacker,Must master 3 ~ 4 programming languages.The most representative of them are c and assembly language.They play a central role in analyzing the behavior of systems and programs.In addition, hackers need to master another programming language,Used to write hacking tools that meet your needs.The python language is easy to learn and use, and has a variety of powerful features.This makes it the perfect choice for hacking languages.

As a hacking language,Python has many advantages,Beginners can choose Python first.

Python hacking uses

Python provides a variety of modules,These modules can be used directly in almost all areas of hacking.For areas not provided by the hacking module,You can use ctypes to call native APIs provided by the operating system. In short, almost all areas can be attacked with python,Such as application, web, network, system, etc., the following introduces python hacking techniques in various fields.

Application hacking:You can insert any dll or source code into a running application,Intercept users' keyboard input to steal passwords.You can also insert hacking code into image files,Spread on the network.

web hacking:Can create web crawlers,Collect links contained in web pages,Implement sql injection to inject error codes into the part that handles user input.Simple web browser functionality can be achieved using python,By manipulating the http package, upload the files needed for the web shell attack.

Network hacking:You can implement web-based clicks.Search for open ports on the system,Collect and analyze packets on the network,Perform network sniffing.Masquerade server address,Implement ip spoofing attacks,Illegal theft of sensitive information.You can also send packets in bulk,Conduct a denial-of-service attack,Paralyze the server,Unable to provide external services normally.

System hacking:A hacker can write a backdoor to control a user's pc and develop functions to search and modify the pc's registry.You can also use application errors,Attack through buffer overflow or format string.

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