Bloggers recently wantedChange the installed components of vs2017, etc., but encountered the problem of being unable to enter the installation interface,It can be said that because ofSoft link constructed by moving the C drivecaused by failure,Interested friends may wish to take a look,Bloggers have solved this problem:vs2017 Solution to unable to enter the installation interface due to soft link failure

URL of this article:vs2017 installation and use tutorial (detailed)

First, the official website download

1. Download URL:Microsoft official website

2.Official website homepage

3. Select the menu bar mostrightMore, select "visual studio" in the "developer&it" drop-down list to enter

4. After entering this interfaceIf you do not want to enter from the official website, you can also go directly to this URL:vs home

5. Selectin the middle on the leftvisual studio ide, download the windows version (the blogger's is the windows version), selectfreecommunity 2017, it will start to download automatically

6. Enter this interface to download manually (if it cannot be downloaded automatically)


1. Click to download the program,Will show this interface

2. change position,You can do this if you do n’t want to install it on C drive,But the system drive will still be installed on the C drive, we can't change it,But you can add a link,Let the system those thingsIncompleteThey are all installed on the C drive, but on another drive,But I do n’t think there is anything wrong (the C disk is enough and you can ignore this step ~~)

3. We will find that running the installation program to the interface will generate a folder,C:\ programdata \ microsoft \ visualstudio \ packages, if you check more,There will be no space in the c drive,So you have to modify the installation path,You can add a link to this folder,PreventInstall allIn the C drive. Here the blogger just moved the installation package folder packages,If i want to move other folders in the C drive, you need to perform this step multiple times.Specific steps (the blogger's own,You can decide according to the specific situation):

(1) If the installer is executed without building a soft link,The packages folder will be generated on the C drive, so friends who have already performed the installation program need to delete the packages folder just generated and create a new folder in another location (the blogger's vs2017_system_driver)

(2) Open cmd as administrator and enter the following command:mklink/d c:\ programdata \ microsoft \ visualstudio \ packages g:\ vs2017_system_driver (Actually, the name here is not obtained properly.Because I just moved the installation package,So the blogger later thought that vs2017_packages is better)

(3) After running the installer,At this time, a folder _bootstrapper is generated at the corresponding position of the C drive and the G drive. You can see that the packages on the C drive have a small arrow to display,The link was successful

(In fact, the _bootstrapper folder can also be moved above)

If you cannot enter the installation interface,Most likely due to a soft link failure,Please see the blogger's solution:vs2017 solution because the soft link fails to enter the installation interface

4. We then choose what we want to install,After confirming, click Install

Three, waiting for installation

Wait interface

2. Finish getting the package

3. Installation is complete

Fourth, start

1. Prompt to log in,I choose to skip directly,Come to this interface,Choose your favorite style

2. The first startup will take about 10 seconds

3. Enter the main interface

Five, start your first program

1. Click the menu bar->File->New->Project, I use c++ as an example here, select visual c++ in the right column, and select an empty project in the middle.Change the default path

2. Right-click the "source file" under the helloworld project in the right column

3. Click "Add->New Item", rename it (I'm main.cpp here), click OK

4. Generate the following interface

5. Enter the code

6. Operating results

So far the vs2017 community edition is installed! !!

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