This article details the steps for offline installation of vs2019.Desktop development mainly downloads c++ desktop development, .net desktop development related workloads, mfc optional components and help viewers.


Offline installation requires first downloading the relevantaccording to the type of project being developedWorkload.The workload contains multiple dependencies,Divided into required (required), recommended (recommended), optional (optional) three types.As shown below:

Take c++ desktop development as an example.atl is the recommended component,And mfc is an optional component.

When downloading workloads or optional components,Need to select the vs version first (the download version of this article is the vs2019 community version), becauseDifferent version dependency types may be different.As in vs2017.net framework 4.7.2SDKs and target packages are optional types.Required in vs2019.

.net framework 4.7.2 in vs2017:

.net framework 4.7.2 in vs2019:

A detailed introduction to the vs2019 workload canlook here.

Download the installation tool

inHereDownload the visual studio bootstrap,The article also explains how to download related workloads based on different types of development. As shown below:

Desktop development (c++&.net)

Enter the following commands at the command line to download the c++ desktop development, .net desktop development workload, and recommended components.

vs_community__891427824.1534167097.exe --layout. \ vs2019_layout --add microsoft.visualstudio.workload.nativedesktop --add microsoft.visualstudio.workload.manageddesktop --includerecommended --lang en-us en-us

Command meaning:

1.vs_community__891427824.1534167097.exe:The visual studio bootstrap downloaded in the previous step

2 .-- layout:Specify the download directory for vs2019 related components,Set toin the current directoryvs2019_layoutdirectory.

3 .-- add:Add the workload that will be downloaded,Addednativedesktop, manageddesktop

4 .-- includerecommended:Install recommended components for related workloads (another parameter--includeoptionalThe optional components in the selected workload will be downloaded,Will cause the downloaded installation package to be too large,Not recommended for use.)

5 .-- lang:Download the specified language pack.I downloaded English (en-us), Chinese (zh-cn)

After the download is completed, the following figure is shown:

vs_community.exe detailed command parameters canlook here.

mfc optional package

mfc-related toolkit under workloadmicrosoft.visualstudio.workload.nativedesktopare optional packages.Need to download separately.

vs_community__891427824.1534167097.exe--layout. \ vs2019_layout--addmicrosoft.visualstudio.component.vc.atlmfc--langen-uszh-cn


The help viewer is a standalone workload,It also needs to be downloaded separately.

vs_community__891427824.1534167097.exe--layout. \ vs2019_layout--addmicrosoft.component.helpviewer--langen-uszh-cn

Installation package size

After downloading through the above steps,The size of the installation package is shown below.Takes up less space than vs2017 (when installing vs2017, these workloads and components take up 3.15g of space after downloading).


After downloading,Disconnect the network or copy it to another non-networked computer,Then go to vs2019_layout directory, double-clickvs_setup.exe for installation.

Check if mfc optional components and help viewer are selected:

Modify the installation directory:vs2019 is installed on the C drive by default, which will take up a lot of disk space.It is recommended to modify on other disks.Then clickin the bottom right cornerinstallationto install.

The installation process is as follows:

The following warnings appeared during the installation process,Clickcarry onInstallation (the test project was created after installation and no exceptions were found,Don't deal with it).

Create project

After the installation is complete,Create mfc projects and winform projects for testing.

Create new project:

Create a project using mfc as an example,Enter mfc in the search box or select the language (c++), platform (windows), project type (desktop), and then click mfc application, modify the project options according to the following wizard interface,As shown below:

The creation of a winform project is similar to mfc. Just enter winform in the search box, or change the language to c#, as shown in the following figure:

Compile the created project,You can see that all generated successfully.


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