Because of the space problem, it is still installed under the mechanical hard disk.Certainly no solid-state startup speed affects efficiency.

The download speed can also be telecommunications 50m broadband, download and install about 40 minutes,I did n’t install all the installation options.Only installed linux c++ netcore asp.net web development nodejs development etc.

After waiting for a while, the installation is complete.

Needless to say, it is the same as vs2017, but there are more theme choices.

visual studio 2019 started the first time is not fast,On a mechanical hard drive.

This is a bit interesting,I found the vs2017 project.Is it an upgrade to 2019?

After launching the interface is not much different from vs2017

The new project sent changes,If used to Microsoft's previous style,Get used to this change,Haha

The feature of vs2019 that is more prominent on the Internet is the function of live share. My understanding is that multiple people can assist in the development at the same time.But the function I care about most is net core3.0. Unfortunately, it is not available in the official version of vs2019Because it's a preview version,In general, the small functions inside have to be experienced during the actual development process.But I found that I did n’t see wcf.Was it eliminated?

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