Because of work needs,The data needs to be imported into the oracle database on the remote server through the local oracle client.A lot of oracle clients have been downloaded from csdn, which belong to the simplified version.The missing imp.exe file makes it impossible to import data.So finally downloaded the oracle client standard version from the oracle official website,The standard version of the oracle client is about 570mb in size and the address;

Pressurized fileInstall oracle client

Open the installation package,Find setup.ext and start the installation.The error is reported, the specific reasons and solutions are the same as the method of installing oracle server.Just to modify one more file,Just add the same content to both files.Specific reference blog:

i. After the above error information is modified,Re-setup.ext, select "Administrator" mode in the following interface

ii. Hold down shift and select all Chinese and English

iii.d disk new oracleclient folder, select this folder as the installation base directory

iv. Next, wait for the inspection to complete,Click finish,start installation.

v.Start installation,Wait for the installation to complete.

As above, the Oracle client is installed.The installed Oracle client needs to configure some files.To connect to the oracle database.

The following shows how to connect to the oracle database through the tool. After installing the oracle client,You cannot directly manipulate the database visually,The installation of the client only provides the working environment and configuration information to the operating tool.

1. Download and install plsql developer software, after the installation is complete

2. Before connecting to the oracle database using plsql,First you need to configure the oracle client just installed,Open the oracle client installation directory,As follows

If the current directory does not have a tnsnames.ora file, make a copy from the sample above,Or you can customize a tnsnames.ora file.Open the file,Add the following configuration, mainly host (the host IP where the database is located), service_name (the current database instance name), and the instance name of the plsql connection customized by the red font.

orc1 =
 (description =
  (address_list =
   (address=(protocol=tcp) (host=localhost) (port=1521))
  (connect_data =

3. Open the plsql configuration and connect to the database

After the connection is successful, you can operate the database.

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