Recently two accounts on the server were hacked,The account password has been tampered with,Fortunately, there is another account available.You can confirm that the original account still exists,So the first way to think of it is to change the tampered password,It finally took five hours to solve the problem.It may also be the first time I have encountered this problem,Slow to get started,Ado,Go straight.. .

There are actually many blogs about how to change your password on the Internet.But not very practical,And on the amax server,Do the same as beforeThe first step is always not working,Finally, I accidentally saw a sentence in other posts, plus some of the previous posts.Finally solved the problem,The detailed steps are as follows:

first step:

First confirm how your machine enters gnu grub. This step is very important.Many machines are powered on and hold down shift without loosening, but our machines need to press esc, and it is best not to hold down esc without loosening. However, this is easy to count into the grub command line input interfaceSo it is best to keep clicking esc and let go when you see a black screen,The interface entered is shown below,Select "advanced option for ubuntu" and hit enter.

The second step:

Choose with (recovery mode), don't hit enterDon't hit enterPress e to enter the next interface.

third step:

Change "recovery nomodeset" in the red box to "quiet splash rw init =/bin/bash"

the fourth step:

Then press f10 or ctrl + x and the following interface appears.Enter passwd in the command line and change the password.

the fifth step:

After shutdown or forced shutdown,You can log in with the newly set password.

to sum up

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