The template file created with cloud9 is uploaded to WordPress and an original theme is being created.
In order to make changes to the template, the instance was restarted from EC2 because the conecting display was still appearing while cloud9 was being used, and the kurukuro could not stop spinning in the center of the screen. After that, you can't access the site you were creating. Would you please tell me if you know how to solve it?
It doesn't seem to be a plug-in issue. I tried deleting cookies, history, and cache, but it was no good.

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    ★ If you install WordPress on cloud9 and restart a cloud9 instance, the site URL associated with that instance will automatically change, which prevents the site and dashboard from opening It seems.

    I solved this in my case, but I don't understand why.
    It is my case to the last.

    After restarting the cloud9 instance, open the bash tab of the workspace and enter the following command
    ①bash install-02.sh
    Press the Enter key.
    * You will be prompted to restart Cloud9 once.

    ② sudo reboot
    Press the Enter key.

    ③ install-03.sh
    Press the Enter key.

    Copy the displayed URL http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/WordPress to access WordPress.

    If an error occurs → $sudo /etc/init.d/mysqld start
    Press enter key
    * Start up the database and modify the contents of wp-config.php