I can't come up with the program (web service) I want to create.

I'm a php beginner, and I have implemented basic things like login and database connection, but I'm wondering what to do next.
I'm thinking of making a program just for studying purposes.

Are there any recommended programs (web services)?

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    Hmm, what are you writing programs for?

    I think that if I keep it right now, I don't know the program well, I don't know what's interesting, I hate it, and I feel like quitting my studies. (That ’s a waste of time)

    For example, is a book you read interestingly when a friend recommends a book of a genre that you are not interested in?
    Maybe it's a waste of time.

    But if you read it a little differently and read that this book may give you a new perspective, you might get a little more.

    The program is the same.
    Making for making will not last long.
    So, why not make something useful from the perspective of "what would be useful if you made this program?"

    For example, try to make a service that allows you to post in an instant (like reading a timeline or just tweeting) with your own web service.

    If you don't have anything, I think you should first write a program to enrich yourself.

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    I don't think it's an answer.

    Program is a means, not purpose
    Unless you want to study to master computer science, a program is a means.
    If you don't have anything you want to make, you should think about or find out what kind of person you want to be and what kind of life you want to walk. Unfortunately, for now, humans are ultimately content (experience).

    Can you finish it properly? Can you develop it?
    Others have already responded that they will make this, but can you complete what you don't think will be useful, whether you want to use it yourself or want to make it yourself? ?
    Can you continue your development with the idea that it will be useful as soon as a theme is given without any particular obsession?
    Since the web service you don't want to use is also a web service, there is a possibility that it will cost more or less for servers, domains, SSL certificates, etc. Will you continue to give out money? ?

    No specific suggestions given
    From what I've written, there is no situation where I can make specific proposals such as these technical advantages will grow or the next step will be such things

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    I can't say "I should do this" in the content of the question, but let me write about me as a beginner.

    I personally study something like LINEBOT (Messaging API) that is my own tool.
    I made BOTs that search using APIs, and BOTs that put the contents of group talks into the MYSQL database one by one. By applying it, we have made it possible to display the talk log on the web page.
    In addition, we created a search service that allows you to manage a list using your own collection as a database, and a search service that generates a specific element in the email text when studying string operations.

    Afterwards, you can write a blog with Wordpress. Because it seems to be completed with various technologies, it will be a study to some extent.
    It was too difficult for me to understand.

    In my case, it's a complete hobby, so I certainly do Hello World or BMI calculations at the beginning. I thought that I would make something that would be fun using PHP, and looked at the function reference and combined it.

    Roughly write what you made below.

    1: I'm on a certain game team, but I created a page that allows me to store the results of occasional in-team competitions in a database in PHP and display them. Until then, the leaders calculated with the abacus, and the final result was uploaded in a photo like a team bulletin board with photos, but I wanted to see it almost in real time if possible.
    I feel like it's easier to display the rankings and intermediate results. The code was messed up because I made it for the first time. However, I was able to understand what it means to use MYSQL.
    2: LINEBOT to collect talk logs
    It took a while to debug. Stores images properly. Although there was a limit in the specification of LINE, it picks up relatively.
    About the image, I tried to push it into the rental server, but if I put it as it is, the capacity of the rental server becomes full due to the size problem, so I reduced and compressed it using PHP with GD.
    Even though it took some time to make it, it was not used at all.
    3: Collection search
    I just displayed the database directly in MYSQL, but I felt that it could be used for personal use by writing code to be added later. We check that there is no duplication when buying a book as seen from the outside.
    4: Search BOT
    BOT to search for images. Using APIs from overseas sites, we will randomly pick up and reply to the tag images spoken during the LINE talk. It is also possible to pick up an appropriate image at random without specifying a tag.
    Since all the tags are in English, we have created a dictionary that links Japanese and English tags so that they can be registered from the talk. This makes it possible to search Japanese for those who often search.
    It was rather difficult and the code was long, so I used include for the first time and put all functions in separate files.

    I just made it naturally if I thought it would be something that was fun and useful for me and my friends.
    After all, it is a story about what to do with tools, so if you say it roughly within the scope of your hobby, you may have a sense of building a castle with blocks.

    I'm still studying, but let's do our best together.
    I hope you find something helpful.

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    Let's sleep without doing anything.

    #Nothing is more annoying than an incompetent worker

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    StackOverflow has many similar questions, so it's a good idea to get some hints from past questions.

    What do you want to do with the answers here?

    If it seems too fluffy, it's not the time to ask people.
    Is there a tag that matches this question?
    Was there a similar question in the first place? Does anyone on the net have the same problem?
    That's where you should think.

    Personally, if there is nothing to stab in Edo_m18's answer, I'm pretty sure