As the title says, I want to allow access to specific users only with FTP software, but not on the command line.
I have already created my SSH key, but I don't know what to do after that.
If i have any inadequacies because i am a beginner, please point it out.

Thank you.

I am adding Amazon linux!

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    ssh is not allowed and only sftp is allowed, checkinternal-sftp.
    For example, https://koumei2.com/wiki/815 may be helpful.

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    A lot of things come out with the "ubuntu encryption key", so let's read through it.

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    Open the vipw command or/etc/passwd in an editor and select the target user.

    in line
    User name: *: User ID: Group ID ::/Home directory:/Shell

    where the shell is



    Set to

    After that, when creating the target user, change the shell to/sbin/nologin.

    Please refer to the following
    Points to consider when creating FTP users Add Star