I recently started learning C # to use Unity.
Official I was reading the document , but I came up with a question because I came across something that I didn't understand grammatically.

      .GetReference ("Leaders")
      .GetValueAsync (). ContinueWith (task =&gt {
        if (task.IsFaulted) {
          // Handle the error ...
        else if (task.IsCompleted) {
          DataSnapshot snapshot = task.Result;
          // Do something with snapshot ...

This code is for retrieving data from firebase, but if you try to use it as it is, you will get an error.
The content of the error is that there is no "task" in the current context.
I don't know what the"task =&gt"part looks like.
When I looked into it, I found that replacing "quote" task =&gt"with "quote" task =>"
I'm going to know about lambda expressions, but I have never seen =&gt.
Please tell me what it is like.