Using NERDTree with vim

With one file open, create a new file with the touch command from the terminal command.
At this time, the newly created file is not displayed in the tree even if NERDTree is executed, but I would like to display the newly created file in NERDTree by executing a command etc.

Currently vim is closed and reopened. Please tell me if there is a good way.

  • Answer # 1

    It can be displayed withR(SHIFT + r because it is uppercase) orron the buffer displayed in NERDTree.

    Ris updated from the parent directory displayed in NERDTree, andris updated and displayed in the selected directory. The


    Press?as a supplement to display quick help at the top of NERDTree.

    Press?again to close the quick help display.

    If help can be opened on Vim,: h NERDTree.txtwill open the NERDTree help document.

    Of course, it's the same as GitHub here, so you can read it in your browser.


    If you read it once, you might find something new.