Hello, who will be this time Redmine version up and new server migration.

When I google it, the version upgrade of the pattern that puts more than one Redmine on one server is,
I didn't make a hit, so I asked you a question.

[Current Status]

Build two Redmines (redmine 2.2.2) on one server
OS: Windows Server 2012
・ Configuration (manual installation)
apache (distributed by Apache virtual host by access URL)

├thin (port80) -redmine1┐
│ ├Mysql (schema is separated)
└thin (port81) -redmine2┘


The person who made the server above has no previous generation.
I want to migrate it to a new server while increasing the version of Redmine.
OS: Windows Server 2012 → 2016
Redmine 2.2.2 → 3.4.6

As a result of google, we can consider the following candidates.
We are worried about which plan should be verified.
If i have multiple Redmines installed on your server and are building this way, can you tell us?
Or if you have another plan, would you give me advice?

1, Install to multiple folders using Bitnami
Run Bitnami installer twice and install Redmine in separate folders
Advantage: Is installation a little easier? You don't have to take into account the impact of each software version.
Disadvantage: Apache and DB etc. are all introduced by two, and eats resources ??

2. After installing using Bitnami, split Redmine
It is unknown whether this method can be done, but after installing Redmine with Bitnami, copy the Redmine folder. Change settings such as Redmine and Apache accordingly.
Pros: It seems to be able to reduce the installation effort while eliminating the disadvantage of 1.
Disadvantage: It is unclear whether it can be done because it does not come out even if it is googled. I don't know if something will go wrong.

3, manual installation
Install the software with the same version as before.
Advantage: If there is no problem between software, you can create an environment close to the existing configuration
Disadvantages: It is necessary to check for problems by combining versions

Thanks for your advice.

  • Answer # 1

    I also install and use two or more Redmines on one server.
    Moreover, since it is a Bitnami package, it seems to be the same as the questioner.

    I think the main unit itself can be installed with the first plan.
    Because plug-ins need to execute commands after copying folders
    I think that it will be close to manual type ③.

    If you use another theme, you need to copy it manually as shown in

    I think there is.