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From OS setup
In the DNS property root hint


Will not be deleted or the IP address will be changed?

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What to do when a.root-servers.net. breaks?
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  • Answer # 1

    Changes are required from time to time and settings need to be changed.

    According to an article when the address of H.ROOT-SERVERS.NET was changed in December 2015, "It is done irregularly once every few years."

    Most root servers are anycast and have real servers distributed all over the world, so it does not have the property of changing the IP address when it breaks.

  • Answer # 2

    The root zone KSK rollover is not relevant and will be corrected.

    If you are writing in a text file, such as BIND8, you will need to edit it when updates occur.

    If you have it in the cache like

    unbound, you will need to reload it if you are in a hurry.