You have successfully changed the first day of the week in the previous question .

However, I was instructed by my senior to investigate the scope of influence.

I know only that the calendar display will change so far, but I don't know the other areas of influence.

I think it's a bad way to search, but as soon as I asked if there was any information.

Thank you.


I searched online on the first day of Windows 10 week.

Supplemental information

Windows 10 pro

Added below

We confirmed that the display of the date selection calendar in Access2016 also changes.

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    This question will be closed because the question has changed.
    Sorry for the response, otn and sazi. Thank you very much.

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    I don't think there will be any OS impact.
    If you are using a program that changes the processing by getting the first day of the week, it will have an impact.

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    The presence of an Access tag assumes that you want to change the first day of the week of the calendar using the calendar display in Access.

    In that case, if you use the traditional calendar control instead of using the built-in calendar, you can control it with the "FirstDayOfWeek property" and you do not have to change the registry.
    However, it takes more time than incorporation.

    Replace the calendar control in Access 2010 applications
    DatePicker.FirstDayOfWeek property

    If you can't find it, you'll have to install it yourself, but you should be careful with the license.
    It seems to be ok to use it as a DLL.
    "Date Input" class