I'm currently programming with Pycharm on Mac and Win10.
I often hear that it is better to program on Linux (ubuntu).
Why is that?
Since Windows should be compatible with Bash since Windows 10, it is easy to see how it works, can you only think of studying? If i have other reasons, you can teach I'm happy.

  • Answer # 1

    Maybe there are more advantages than python itself, such as the enhancement of other tools and the stability of the OS.

    Windows is not suitable for long-term continuous operation. You can force the system to restart with an update, and even without it, the operation will gradually become unstable, and you will have to reboot yourself once every few days. When trying to do statistical calculations that take several days to process with large data, you can't feel like using windows at all. If there is no such usage and you are not inconvenienced by windows, you will not need to prepare linux. I often use windows10 + cygwin + python and other combinations when I want to study for a while.

  • Answer # 2

    There are many documents on the web that use Windows as the operating environment.
    I think that the advantage of Linux is that the environment is included by default.

  • Answer # 3

    Speaking of Python only, I don't really care about the OS.
    Experience with Python on Win, Mac, Ubuntu, Rasppie.

    It is a story outside of Python, but if you have an opportunity to touch a server etc., it may be useful later if you get used to the Linux environment.