When the app was published, the developer name was written in Kanji on the AppStore, and the name and surname were in European/American style, so I felt uncomfortable and asked to change to Roman characters. This request was accepted, and it was written in romaji on the AppStore, but something went wrong here.

When upgrading with iTunes Connect, perform an archive with Xcode and go through the stepsValidateUpload to App Store. The Team name is still in Kanji. You can pass the Validate work as it is. However, it stops at the itemVerifying assets with the App Store ...in the next Upload task.

When you look at Signing → Team in General → TARGET in Xcode, it is in Roman letters, but I do not know why the Team name is still in the previous Kanji on the Validate screen The

Which part is best to correct when making corrections? Is it better to reissue the certificate from the beginning? If i can teach me, I will be saved.