I used a version of on a CMS site called concrete5.
When upgrading from to 8.3.2, the custom template is not reflected on all pages.

Error message

The template created in the custom template setting field is not displayed even if the corresponding block is selected on the site edit screen.

The block itself is active and the custom template is not reflected.

Only the page list block had a thumbnail grid selection in the custom template.
I guess it's not the one I set, but the default Elemental theme.

There is no site damage or abnormality other than the custom template part.


concrete/blocks/block name/templates/template name (example: concrete/blocks/pagelist/templates/profile_nav /) contains view.php and view.css.

I changed the file name to template name.php and put it in the templates folder, or tried not to load js of my own theme, as js might be affected, but there was no change.

I tried searching on a search engine, but I didn't find a good way.

Supplemental information (FW/tool version etc.)

I work on MacOSX, Dreamweaver, FileZilla, and GoogleChrome.