WebView on the app behaves differently in html pages
(For example, hide images you don't want on WebView)
When I want to do it, use something like UserAgent to see if it's an iOS browser or WebView on your app
Is there a way to judge?

I would appreciate your teaching.

  • Answer # 1

    There is an article like this that is a bit old.

    In the end, even if it is assumed that the UA has not been changed, I do not know exactly

  • Answer # 2

    Determination using UserAgent in JavaScript | cly7796.net

  • Answer # 3

    I think it's not impossible.

    [window.navigator.userAgent-Web API interface | MDN]

    [Summary of how to check OS/browser etc. from UserAgent]

    [Webview Based Browser User Agents]

  • Answer # 4

    I think it's possible for your app.

    * Since it can be done with cordova/inappbrowser, it can also be done with native apps.

    Cass and javascript can be injected according to the webview load event.
    So what if you hide or control it?

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