Your company will receive a new MacbookPro for your next job change.
I have been using my own MacbookPro for about 2 years and have set various applications to web development environment as it is, but I want to prepare how to set up the environment of a new computer It is.
The amount of data is 160GB, including the virtual environment.

Checked online,

When migrating data

  • Migrate with Migration Assistant
  • Migrating with Time Machine

If not migrating

  • Set appropriately from 1
There seems to be a method like

, but
If i have a new experience with Mac, can you tell me which method is best for you?

After investigating, it seems that some settings (Homebrew and other environments) can not be migrated even using Migration Assistant or Time Machine, so I thought that it might be easier to understand from 1 However, I am worried because unexpected things are likely to happen if I try it.

  • Answer # 1

    I've done everything, but if you don't want to be clean,
    I think Migration Assistant or Time Machine is easy.
    However,WiFi should be avoided. It takes a lot of time ...

    For Homebrew, I think automation by Ansible is good.
    (Although I couldn't do it ...)

    Automating Mac development environment construction (early 2015)-t-wada blog

  • Answer # 2

    I use the Migration Assistant. Recently (but quite a while ago) I moved from Early 2011 on MacBook Pro to Early 2015 with Migration Assistant.

    Some migration assistants do not carry over some settings, and some applications may need to be installed again, but OS standard apps can be migrated, so you can save a lot of time.

    Once you migrate with the Migration Assistant, if there are many inconveniences, how about setting up from 1 after re-installing a new OS?